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New Corals and Fish plus Limited BOGO Sale!

We got some really cool stuff in this week.  Including;  A crazy Quadricolor Bubbletip Anemone, Lord Acans Rainbow Acan Frags, Bubble Corals, Pink Goniopora, Cocoworms, Bullseye Mushrooms, Sinularia Finger Coral, Yuma Recordia, Blue Mushrooms,  Red mushrooms, Silk Corals, Colored Mixed Zoas, Daisy Corals, Green Hairy mushrooms, Palm Tree Clavularia, Sarcophyton Leathers.

Fish include; Pylei Wrasse, Green Wrasse, Pearl Scale, Melenarus Wrasse, Carpenters Fairy, Citron Goby, Yellow Tile fish.

We have a Select Group of Leathers, Zoas, Mushrooms and Daisy polyps that are BOGO.  Buy one Get one Free through Friday.

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