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New Corals and Fish in stock 12-08-16...

We have some great new animals in today including; Crazy Eye Favia, Super Mushroom, Hairy Mushroom, Super Pincushion Mushroom, Orange Spot Mushrooms, Tonga Mushrooms, Fox Coral, Tiny Hammer, Yellow polyps, Green Hairy Mushrooms, Stripped Mushrooms, Yellow Brick Roads, Nuclear Palys, Blue Sponge, Royal Urchins.  Fish Include; Flame Angel, Orange Anthias, Purple Queen Anthias, Chalk Basslet, Royal Gramma, Flame Tail Blenny, Tailspot Blenny, XL Mandrin Goby, Yellow Head Jawfish, LG Randalls Goby, Desjardins Sailfin TAng, Naso Tang, Scopas Tang, Fairy Wrasse Dot Dash Flasher.

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James Kennedy posted a blog post
We have a bunch of new Corals, Inverts and a few Clams in stock.  Tons of acan frags, Goniopora, Kryptonite Mushroom, Red/Pink Tile Starfish, Sandsifting starfish, Syumpodium Frag, Royal Gramma, Red Stripe Trochus, Tonga Nassarius, Blue Legged Hermits, Emerald crabs, Pacific Cleaner Shrimp, Mexican Turbo Snails, Small Maxima Clams, Florida Recordea, Yuma Recordea, Hawaiian Feather Dusters, Haitian Live Rock, Scarlet Reef Hermits, Aussi Fat Head Dendros, Japanese Acans, Reflux Zoa Frags.+  
Oct 19, 2018