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New Fish, Blue legs, Peppermint Shrimp...

We  have some really nice new fish including; Flame Angel (Fiji), Lyretail Male Anthias, Tank Raised Blue Hippo Tangs (SML), Royal Gramma, Blue Eyed Cardinals, Tank Raised True Perculas, Arc Eye hawkfish, Yellow Eye Kole Tang,  Red Sea Purple Tang, Dot Dash Flasher Wrasse, Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse, Lubbocks Black Bar Fairy Wrasse, Red Fin Fairy Wrasse, Leopard Wrasse, Sixline Wrasse. Channel Brain, Two Beautiful Acros, Bonsai and Purple with Blue tip,  Orange Torch Coral.

We also have coming in Thursday, Skunk Cleaners, Coral Banded Shrimp, Fromia Starfish, Sand Sifting Starfish, Peppermint Shrimp and Blue Leg Hermits.  As always we are having a SALE on the Blue Legs.   50 blue leg hermits $30.00 while supplies last.

Algae Gen Phycopure , Tisbee Pods and Coral Smoothy are all coming in Thursday as well.

James Coral Connection Sarasota

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We have some really nice new corals in including; Lrg Ultra Red Wellso, Toxic Hammer, Ultra Carpet Lobo, Aussi Ultra Gold Torch, Ultra Scolly, Ultra Red Wellso, Ultra Gold Hammer, Orange Linkia, Discosoma Mushrooms Blue, Wellso Green, Aussi Lord Acan, Red And Green mini maxi's, Gold Branching Hammers, Palm Trees, Colored Zoas, Yuma Recordia, LT Anemones, Feather Dusters, Pearl Bubbles, Colt Corals, Lobo Brains, Red Discosoma, Silk Coral, Cultured Torch Corals, Favia Brains, Alveopora, Duncans,Florida plume, Green Chromis, Diamond Goby, Yellow Flanked Wrasse, Whip Fin Fairy Wrasse, Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse, Bicolor Blenny, Mandrins.. Spotted and Psychedelic, Black Ocellaris, Carmel Clowns, Algae Blenny, Sailfin Tangs, Cardinals, Pipefish, Copperband Butterfly, Bluesided Fairy Wraase, Cleaner Shrimp, Fire Shrimp, Sandsifting Starfish, Tiger Nassarius Snails.

Come Check them all out,

James Coral Connection

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We have some really nice fish in including, Bi-Color Angel, Orange Anthias, Royal Gramma, Flame Tail Blenny, Green Chromis, Firefish goby, XL Mandrin, Green Mandrin, Citron Goby, Clown Goby, Green Clown Goby, Yellow Watchman Gobies, Yellow Dottyback, Adult Orange Shoulder Tang, Powder Blue Tang, Sailfin Tang, Yellow Hawaiian  Tang, Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse, Dot-Dash Flasher Wrasses, Sixline Wrasse,  Neon Candy Cane, Orange Hammer, Yellow Polyps,  Benjamin Zoos.

Come in and Check them all out,   James Coral Connection Sarasota

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New Crazy Show Corals and New Fish...

Insane Metallic Red and Metallic Yellow Wellso Brain, Metallic Toxic Yellow Wellso Brain, Gold Aussi Branching Hammers, Yellow Green Fuzy Lobo, Metallic Green Cloves, Colored Zoas, Bright Metallic Orange Frogspawn, Green Candy Canes Colony LRG, LRG Blue Berry Seafan, LRG Metallic Green Duncan Colonies, Blue Mushrooms,  Fox Coral, Orange Silk Coral, Red and White Carnation, Alveopora, Green and White Cat Eye Bubble Coral, Pearl Bubble Coral, Quadricolor  Bubbletips, Heteractis Crispa Flat Anemone, Red Fromia Marble Star, Feather Dusters, Trochus Snails, Coral Beauty, Cardinal PJS, Yellow Flanked Fairy Wrasse, Diamond Goby, Randalli Female Anthias, Alleni Neon Damsels, Yellow Hawaiian Tang, TR Ocellaris Clowns, Black Ocellaris Clowns, Pacific Sailfin Tang XL, Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse. XLG Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, Fire Shrimp.

Come In and Check Them all out,  James Coral Connection Sarasota

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New Corals and Fish 3-11-15...

We have some really nice choice corals in from Seadwelling along with fish and a Hippo Clam.  Corals include; Aussi Strawberry Shortcake (Mike N.) , Ultra Aussi Hillae, Cultured Gold Eye Chalice, Huge purple Blasto, Wild Aussi Lobo, and unusual Cultured Acro, (Almost looks gold/orange).  Clam is a Hippo Clam, Fish include; Waitei Anthias, Yellow Watchman, Blue Hippo Tangs, Sixline Wrasses, Yellow Eye Haw. Tang.  Lrg Cleaner Shrimp, Lrg Orange Sponge.

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Lots of New Arrivals this Week 2-26-2015...

We have a lot of New Corals, Fish, AlgaGen Pods, Phycopure, Korallen-zucht products.    New Corals include Torch Corals ( Green, Gold and Yellow Green), Gold Branching Hammer, Blue Aussi Monti Cap, Ultra Grade Aussi Rainbow Acan, A grade Aussi Acan, Maricultured Platygyra Maze Brains, Aussi Ultra Chalice's, purple Green and Orange Meat Coral, Orange Cynarina, Red Wellso Brain, Blue Mushrooms, Florida Ricordea, Rainbow Yumas, Special Rhodactis Mushrooms.

New Fish include; Peppermint Shrimp, Emerald Crabs, Orange Anthias, Bi-Color Blenny, Copperband Butterfly, Ocellaris Clowns, Black and White Clowns, Picasso Clowns, Green Chromis, Firefish Gobys, Green Mandrin Goby, Yellow Watchman, Dragon pipefish, Blue Hippo Tang, Yellow Hawaiian TAngs, Sailfin Tang, Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse, Christmas Wrasse, Sixline Wrasse, McCosker Flasher Wrasse, elanarus Wrasse, Orange Back Fairy Wrasse (Male), Tri-Color Wrasse, Tri-Color Bubbletip Anemones, Ultra Mini Max Anemone, Coral Banded Shrimp, Fire Shrimp, Orange Linkia Starfish.

We also have Korallen-zucht in stock including, Nano Power Set, Cyano Clean, Amino Acid Concentrate, Amino Acid LPS, Coral Vitalizer, Coral Booster, Sponge Power, Pohl Xtra.

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We are bringing some frags and pieces from next door as well as moving larger pieces to get ready to put in some new tanks.   Today and Sunday Only Buy two corals and get a third coral of equal or lessor value to the least priced of the two corals FREE.  Stop in and Check things out and take a few pieces home.

Also, Don't forget to wish Ray Happy Birthday

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We have some Great new fish in stock as well as choice new frags and Ultra pieces.  Fish include Orange Anthias, Ruby Red Dragonette, Copperband Butterfly, Davinci Snowfake Clowns, Firefish gobys, Purple Firefish, Golden Head Goby, Yasa Hashe Goby, Yellow Watchman Goby, Blonde Naso Tang, Blue Hippo Tang, Powder Blue Surgeon Tang, Red Sea Purple TAng, Sixline Wrasse, TriColor Wrasse.   Large Piece Corals; Red Purple Blue Lord Acan, Orange, Purple, Blue and Green Ultra Hillae, Green and Yellow Blasto, Purple and Metallic Orange Aussi Ultra Lobo, Blue Purple Orange Green Strange Scolly, Scarface Zoas,Radio Active Man Chalice, Ultra Acan Frag, Ultra Favia Frag, Tangerine Cyphastrrea Frag, Purple People Eater Cyph Frag, Ultra Chalice, Ultra Mushroom, Ultra Palys, Ultra Mycedium and Ultra Acro Frags.  Med-Lrg Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, Limited Supply of blue leg hermits.

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Please Click Here To Take Action Now

The House Ocean, Marine Resources, & Hawaiian Affairs Committee of the Hawaii Legislature plans to debate and vote on three bills that directly target the aquarium trade. Animal rights activists have targeted the marine aquarium trade in Hawaii and think that they have a friendly enough legislature to push through their agenda.  Many of these proposals start from an assumption that the fishing associated with the pet industry is hurting the local population of native species that is completely dis-proven by science. 

Since the animal rights community has a long history of never letting facts or reason get in the way of an emotional argument, we need to make our voices heard. And we have little time as all comments need to be sent by 5 p.m. HST (10 p.m. EST) on Tuesday, Feb. 10th. 


The proposed bills in question are:

  1. HB 606 - Establishes a 10-year moratorium on the taking of aquarium fish. This is the practical equivalent of outlawing the entire aquarium fishing industry.
  2. HB 873 - Prohibits the sale of aquatic life for aquarium purposes use "taken from any of the waters within the jurisdiction of the State". This bill is nearly identical to SB322 in the Senate.
  3. HB 883 - Mandates collection, shipping, and holding practices that would make it impossible to care for fish in a humane manner. 
    1. "Cruel treatment" means:

i.Surfacing at a rate resulting in physical damage to the body tissue;

ii. Piercing or deflating the swim bladder;

iii. Cutting the fin or spine;

iv. Withholding food for more than twenty-four hours; or

v.Holding fish or aquatic life in less than one gallon of water, per each specimen, within any container.

Where things stand:

The House Ocean, Marine Resources, & Hawaiian Affairs Committee will debate and vote on these bills next Wednesday, the 11th of February.  Any of these bills could devastate the aquarium trade in Hawaii.  Two of them would immediately shut the entire industry down while the third would massively increase costs and fish mortality.  We at PIJAC, in close cooperation with our local members, are helping to unify the voices against these proposals.  It is essential that Hawaii's legislators understand the huge impact that these proposals could have on the local economy (a concern that means nothing to the animal rights zealots). 

What should you do:

Use our Legislative Action Center and send a message to the members of the House Ocean, Marine Resources, & Hawaiian Affairs Committee.  We need to speak with a unified voice and overwhelming numbers to counter the emotionally charged propaganda pushed by the animal rights activists. Take action before the deadline on February 10th--your voice and your opinions matter!


Contact your friends, family, coworkers, employees and anyone you do business with, and get them to weigh in on these bills before the 5 p.m. HST (10 p.m. EST) deadline on Tuesday, Feb. 10th.

Also, please watch for further communications from PIJAC, as we will be reaching out and asking for a rapid and overwhelming response should it appear that any of these proposals are gaining traction. 

To keep informed on any upcoming committee hearings or amendments for this legislation, save this communication and follow this Alert on our website!

Look for PetAlerts, Issue Updates, PetLetters and eNews in your email inbox or

check pijac.org for the latest news and info on what you can do to impact

legislation important to pets and your business.

Copyright 2015 © Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council. All rights reserved.

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New Show Pieces from Sea Dwelling Plum Crazy Cynarina ( Purple and Pink with a Metallic Green Mouth), Ultra Red Lord Acan, Rainbow Wellso Brain, Forest Green Tubastrea.  Sea Dwelling Frags;  Rainbow Echinata, Pink Porites, Red Velvet Lepto, Ultra Orange Chalice, Bleeding Heart Favia, Grinch Porites, Blood Red Chalice, Ultra Echinata, Red Chalice, Ultra Acro Frags, Ultra Teal Favia.   Show Size Acropora Fiji,  Pink Table, Pink purple and Green Table, Rainbow Staghorns, Green Yellow And Blue tip Table, Metallic Green Duncans, Birdnest, Acan Frags, Favia Frags, Bowerbanki Frags, Blasto Frags, Blue Mushrooms, Lobo Brains. Fish Include; Spliendid Dottyback, niger Trigger, Yellow mimic Tang, Coral Beauty,  Firefish goby,  Hawaiian Tang, Solar Fairy Wrasse, Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse, Neon Alleni Damsels, Blueside Fairy Wrasse, Banggi Cardinals, Ocellaris Clowns, Lyre Tail Anthia, male Lyre tail Anthias, Blue tail, Blue and Yellow Tail damsels, Royal Damsel.

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We have some nice stuff in including Rainbow Fire Urchins, Feather dusters, Dendronephthya, Silk Corals, Yellow Polyps, Ball Goniopora, Red minor Flower pot corals, Pagoda Stone cups, Rhodi Discoma Mushrooms, Colored Zoas, Acan Frags, Fiji Wild Acropora, Rainbow Staghorn Acros Aussi, Red and Purple Aussi Plate, Metallic Green and Pink Aussi Table Acropora, Cocoworms, Golden Maricultured Sponge, Male Anthias, Female Anthias, PJ cardinals, Chromis, BiColor angel, Diamond Goby, Red margin Wrasse, Gold Flank fairy Wrasse, Black Ocellaris, Copperband Butterfly, Coral Beauty, Stripe Squarelfish, Poma Angel.

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We have some really nice frags in from Seadweling Creatures as well as our fish, Including African Orange Anthias, Black and White Clowns, Dragon Pipefish (Nelson), Blue Hippo Tangs, Scopas Tang, Yellow Tangs, Christmas Wrasse, African Clown Wrasse, Sixline Wrasse, Bubbletip Anemones, Aussi Green Center Lobo, Purple polyp Yellow monti, Rainbow Chalice, Candy Apple Porites, Red Chalice, Golden Eye Lepto, Witches Brew Chalice, Ultra Rhodactis, Golden Eye lepto, Ultra Ric, Rainbow War Coral, Ultra Red Chalice, Radioactive Man Chalice, Devils Candy Favia, pink Chalice, Ultra Chalice, Rainbow Echinata, War Coral, Pink Eye Favia.

James Coral Connection

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