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Live Rock is the foundation for any successful reef system. Without enough rock, or rock that is of good quality, you are only setting your reef up for problems. Live rock provides a vital balance of bacteria and micro organisms that are necessary for any reef aquarium to grow and thrive. The better quality live rock you start your system with, the better chance you have of seeing the kind of reef come to life that makes this hobby so rewarding and enjoyable.

We maintain two 150 gallon tanks dedicated to live rock. We sell only fully cured pieces of live rock and specialize in premium live rock fresh from Indonesia. We generally keep in stock several hundred pounds of high quality live rock. We sell our premium Indo-Pacific live rock for $11.00 per pound.

Not all live rock is the same. There are BIG differences in live rock! Feel free to shop around. Then come to our store and see why we'll tell you without hesitation that we have some of the best quality live rock in the area.

Below are pictures of live rock that we have recently had and what you may commonly find us stocking in our store.

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  • I have a 150 gal aquarium that iiwant to set up as a reef many lbs of live rock will I need. If what I have read I understand i will need 150-300 lbs of live rock. Seems like an awful lot.
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We have a bunch of new Corals, Inverts and a few Clams in stock.  Tons of acan frags, Goniopora, Kryptonite Mushroom, Red/Pink Tile Starfish, Sandsifting starfish, Syumpodium Frag, Royal Gramma, Red Stripe Trochus, Tonga Nassarius, Blue Legged Hermi…
Oct 19, 2018