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Coral Connection specializes in soft and hard marine corals and live rock from Indonesia. While offering a wide variety of reef compatible fish and beautiful live rock, quality coral propagation is the main goal. We maintain a healthy bank of mother corals that can sustain our inventory. At this time, we have well over 200 pieces of coral available for sale.

Not all corals are the same. There are BIG differences in the many varieties of coral! Feel free to shop around. Then come to our store and see why we’ll tell you without hesitation that we have some of the best quality live coral in the area.

Below are pictures of live coral that we have recently had and what you may commonly find us stocking in our store.

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Interested in purchasing our beautiful live coral for your saltwater tank? Give us a call if you have any questions, or click below to see our current stock of coral on our website.  

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