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Fish... Long Nose Butterfly,  Regal Angel, Blonde Naso, Spot Face Tang, Clown
Tang, Niger Wrasse, Powder Blue Tang, Swallow Tail Angel Male and Female,
Thopsoni Tang, Tenenti Tang, Alleni Damsels, Purple Tile Fish, Clown Fairy
Wrasse, Mandrin Gobies, Anthias, Bangi Cardinals, P.J. Cardinals, Blue Hippo
Tang, Wolf Eel, Copperband Butterflies, Yellow Tang, Desjaedeni Sailfin Tang,
Mimic Tang, Parrot Fish, Morish Idols (eating pellets), Niger Trigger, Bi-Color
Blenny, SnowFlake Clownfish pair, Trochus snails  (Eat Red

Corals; Meetallic Yellow Green Bubble Corals, Rainbow Lord Acan,
Red Goniopora, Rainbow Wellso Brain, Red and Green Wellso Brain, Lobophyllia
Brain Red and Green, Named Zoas, Orange Darth Mauls, Nightmare polys, Rainbow
Clove Polyps, Gold, Yellow, Green, Mauve, and Blue Aussi Chalice... we will be
fragging out. Duncans, Zoas and more Zoas, XLRG Colored REcordea Yumas, Elegance
Corals, Green Encrusting Gonis, Rose Goni, Special Fungia Plate (candycane),
Scolymia.. Bleeding Apple, and Orange Red, Black and Blue, both Australis, Rose
Bubble Anemones, Orange Sclareonepthia.

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New Shipments

New Corals and Fish at Coral Connection...

We have some great new corals and fish in this week, Including: Goniastrea Brain, Bowerbanki Acan, Lordhowensis Aussi Acan, Acan Rotundoflora, Special Chalice, Big pipe Blastomussa, Platygyra Maze Braiin, Alveopora Daisy Flower pot, Lobata Flower Pot,

Mixed zoos. Ocilaris Clowns, Coral Beauty, Ebli Angel, Yellow Belly Hippos, Niger Tragger, firefish Gobys, Tile Goby, LRG Red Planet Table Acropora, African Female Anthias, Male Anthias, Midas Blenny, sml Dejsardini sailfin tang, Lg ritteri Anemone, psychodelic Mandrin, Unicorn Tang, Blonde naso Tang, Bali Sixline Wrasse, Green Bubbletip Anemones, Red Fromia Starfish.


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