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Thursdays Fish Crabs and Live Rock 10/24/13...

We have 1000 Blue leg hermits in this week and 300 Pacific red leg hermits in.  Blue legs are$25.00 per 50 count and Red legs are $35.00 per 50 count today in the bag only.  After today they are $1.00 per blue leg and $1.25 per Red leg.

We also have 40 lbs of Fiji Branch Rock in and 68 lbs of Haitian Lettuce Rock.

Fish include: Mystery Wrasse, African Female Orange Anthias, Male Anthias, Midas Blenny, T.R. Ocellaris Clowns, T.R. Premium Platinum Clown, Clown Trigger, Porcelain Crabs, Hawaiian Feather Dusters, Chocolate Chip Starfish, Sand Sifting Stars.

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We have a lot of new products coming in today as well we have Tisbe Copepods in and Ro Unit sediment filters are here.  We also have a used 250 watt Hamilton MH with PC actinic bulb combo light fixture. The PC bulbs are new as well there are two new MH bulbs a 14K and a 20K.  Fixture is 36" and we are asking $210.00.

We also have 1200 crabs coming in today in 50 count bags.  Blue Legs are $25.00 for 50 count and Red Legs are $35.00 for 50 count.  That's the price for pick up Thursday by close.  Crabs should be acclimated at least an hour to an hour and a half.

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Huge shippment of new corals and fish...

We have boxes and boxes of new Coral and Fish in today.  Includes Ultra Acan Lords, Acan Echinata, Symphyllia Agaricia Closed Brains, Colt Corals, Toadstool Leathers, Silk Corals, Colored Zoanthus, Daisy polyps, Paly polyps, Hairy mushrooms, Lobo Corymbosa Brains, Red Goniopora, Lobo Sp, Plerogyra Bubble Corals, Caulastrea Trumpet/Candycane, Acroporas, Cultured Acropora, Maricultured Acropora, Cocoworms, Green Lobata Flower Pot (Gold), Fungia Plate Coral, Neospongodes Brocolli coral, Clavualaria Palm Tree Coral, Cultured Acans, Tourch Corals, Thorny Oyster, Aussi Scoly, Echinopora Chalice, Rhodactis Bullseye Mushrooms, Red mushrooms,

Fish include; Sml Purple Tangs, Cooperband Butterfly, Clown Trigger, Green Chromis, Gold Head Sleeper Goby, Diamond Goby, Red Sea Cleaner, Blue Spot Watchman, Green Wrasse, Threadfin Breim, Sailfin Tang, African Orange Anthias, Peppermint Shrimp, Cleaner Shrimp, Blue Mandrin, Green Mandrin, Mata Tang, Yellow Tang, Sixline Wrasse.

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Friday the 13th New Fish and Corals...

6 Aussi Acan Lords, 18 New Mixed Florida Recordea, Tiger Tunicate, Red Coco Worms, Punpkin Patch Chalice, Bubble Coral, Crazy colored Zoanthus, 7 Fiji Acropora, Cultured Cyphastrea, Echinomorpha SP, Pearl Bubble, Orange Torch Coral, 3 Scoly Meat Corals, Favia Brain Coral, Sea Finger Gorgoniidae, Aussi Gold Orange Encrusting Goniopora, Long T. Anemones, Scoly Button Corals, Lobo Brains, Aussi Rainbow Lobo, Trachyphyllia Brains, Scolymia Vitiensis, Goniastrea Sp Maze Brain.

Fish Include; Sixline Wrasse, Orange Anthias from Fiji, Yellow Clown Gobies, Purple Tile Goby, Algae Blennies, True Perculas, Green Fin fairy Wrasse, Lubucks Fairy Wrasse, Loongnose Hawk, Whiptail Bream purple and Yellow, Spotted Mandrin, Green mandrin, Blue Flasher Wrasse, Green Chromis, Copperband Butterfly, Bangi Cardinal, Moorish Idol, Coral Banded Shrimp and Astrea Snail.

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New Aussi Corals in Stock...

We have some Crazy Aussi Corals in stock.  New Arrivals include Blue Chalice with Lime Green Eyes, Peach Colored Aussi Hammer, Muticolored Hammer, Favia Frags, Purple Red and Green Blastomussa, LRG Ultra Rainbow Acan, Aussi Elegance Corals, Aussi Sun Coral, Ultra Scoly Brain, Green with Purple Tip Hammer.

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We have some really great new corals in today including Metallic Orange/gold Torch, Yellow Metallic Frogspawn (Yaeyamaensis), Ten New Acan Frags, Ultra, A and B grades.  Neon Green with Purple Tip Frogspawn, Ultra Zoa Polys, Assorted Zoas, Wall Frogspawn Aussi Green and Purple.

More corals; Crazy Zoas, Echinopora SP Chalice (SWEET), Lobophyllia Rainbow Aussi, Favia Brain Aussi, Australomussa Rowleyensis, Acan Lord,  Scolymia Brain, Red Goniopora, Colt Coral, Sinularia Leathers, Daisy Polyp, Many many Acro Frags, Crazy Colors, Reverse Mystic Sunset Monti, Purple Haze Monti, Florida Corky Gorgonian, Florida Plume Gorgonian, Sea Fans.

Fish include; Flame Angel, Midas Blenny, Emerald Crabs, Male Anthias, Dejsardini Sailfin Tang, Spotted Mandrin, Hi Fin Goby, Med Yellow Tang, Niger Trigger, Med Green Coris Wrasse, Red Fromia Starfish.

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New Fish at Coral Connection...

We have some really nice new fish in this week including; LG Harlequin Tusk, Mystery Wrasse, Peppermint Shrimp, Cleaner Shrimp, African Male Anthias, Dejsardini Sailfin Tang, Green Chromis, Pearly Jawfish, Tank Raised Ocellaris Clowns, Tank Raised Black Percula Clowns, Green emerald Crabs, Black Clown Goby, LG Yellow Watchman Goby, Med Blue Mandarin Goby, Psychodelic Mandrin, Sunburst Goby, Diamond Goby, Masked Shrimp Goby,  Sml Yellow Tangs, Sixline Wrasses, Red Pistol Shrimp, Harlequin Shrimp.  Also, we have Piscane Mysis and Cyclopezze in stock.

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Extra Special Coral and Fish Order!


We have some incredible new corals and fish in, including a new bunch in the 300 gallon quarantine tank. 

Corals Include:  SP Purple Monti Caps, Beautiful Acropora Colonies, Killer Chalice Frags and Colonies, purple and Yellow  Sea Whips (photosenthetic), Blasto Frags, Aussi Elegance Corals two to Choose from pink tip and purple tip, Crazy Zoa Combo Rock, pick your flavor, Florida Ricordeas, Lord Acan Frags many colors, Rainbow Trachyphyllia Brain, Corky Sea Finger, Crazy Emerald Green with Yellow and Orange Eye Echinopora Chalice see the large piece get a frag!  LRG Frags $50.00. Pink and orange Lobos, Metallic Orange with green strips Meat Coral, Metallic Green and Purple Scully, Pink Tip Torch Coral, Great colored Goniopora Flower pots.

Fish Include:  Morrish Idols, Powder Blue Tang, Green Parrot, Mimic Tang, Solarensis Fairy Wrasse, Auriga Butterfly, Convict Tang, Yellow Belly Hippos, Orange Shoulder Tang, Yellow Coris Wrasses, Algae Blenny, Square anthias, Alleni Damsels, One Spot Red Damsel, Yellow Fin Fairy Wrasse, Falcula Butterfly, Flame Angel Christmas Islands, Naso Tang, Purple Red Sea Tangs, Royal Gramma, Mystery Wrasse, Bi Clored Blenny, Cleaner Shrimp, Blood Shrimp, African Firefish Goby, Allardi Clown, African Orange Anthias, African Male Anthias, African Divided WRasse, midas Blennies, Blue mandarin Gobies, Psychodelic Goby, Blonde Naso Tang, Flasher Wrasse, Solar Wrasse, RedFromia Starfish, Clown Tang.

Come Check them all out, James Coral Connection

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We have some New fish and inverts in stock including; SML Orange African Anthias Male and Females, Red Sea Sailfin Tang, Yellow Tang, Hippo Tang, Blue mandrin goby, pink belly wrasse, med Tank Raise Clownfish, Bali Sixline Wrasses, Pacific Red Legs Hermits, Peppermint Shrimp.

Also, join our photo contest and possibly win a $50.00 gift Certificate.

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New Aussi Corals at Coral Connection

 We have some Beautiful never before seen corals at Coral Connection.

Corals include; Seven Aussi Acropora, Orange and Blue Montipora SP Aussi, Pink Aussi Pasamacora SP, Aussi Pipe Organ,
Aussi Blue Purple Tip Hairy Mushrooms, Elephant Ear Mushroom, Dendronephthya SP carnation Coral,
Goniopora Green With Gold Centers, Lobophyllia Sp, Rainbow Colored Acans Aussi (crazy Colors),
Lime Metallic Green Bubble Coral, Pink and Green Maze Brain, Nice Zoa Frags, Aussi Red Chalice LRG,
Red Trachy Brain, Aussi Acan Frags Incredible! $50.00 per polyp.
Come Check them all out, James, Ray and Justin
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New Corals include Crazy Stalk polyps   (Look like Rainbows), Acanthastrea Rotundoflora, Orange Cynarina, Crazy metallic Orange Symphyllia Agaricia Brain, Trachyphllia Geooffroyi Brain (rainbow colors with striations), Acanthastrea lordhowensis, Yellow Tip Aussi Torch, Green with yellow tip Aussi Torch, LRG Recordea Yuma, platygyra Maze Brain, Stripped Metallic Green CandyCane Coral, Wild Blue Tort, Pink and Green Millipora Acropora, Purple Tip with Metallic Green Polyps, Leptoseris SP, Florida Recordea Mushrooms, Special Zoa polyps, Trochus Snails.

Fish include; LGHarlequin Tusk, Blue leg hermits, pacific Red leg Hermits, African Female Anthias, sml African Yellow Belly hippo, African Dejsardini Sailfin Tang, Med Yellow Tangs, Sixline Wrasses, Harlequin Shrimp Sand Starfish, Red Fromia Starfish

Indo Pacific Live Rock

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