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New Shipment In!

We have a bunch of new Corals, Inverts and a few Clams in stock.  Tons of acan frags, Goniopora, Kryptonite Mushroom, Red/Pink Tile Starfish, Sandsifting starfish, Syumpodium Frag, Royal Gramma, Red Stripe Trochus, Tonga Nassarius, Blue Legged Hermits, Emerald crabs, Pacific Cleaner Shrimp, Mexican Turbo Snails, Small Maxima Clams, Florida Recordea, Yuma Recordea, Hawaiian Feather […]

Special Offer 3/30/18

If you want to try out the New KZ Concentrated Gel Tabs for your trace elements we have them in stock you can purchase as little as one tab.  Each tab doses 25 gallons for 4 months slow release.    We have Amino Acid tabs, B-Balance Tabs, Potassium iodide Tabs, Iron Tabs and potassium Tabs. Each […]

New Shipment! 3/30/19

Check the “New Shipment” Category to view our new corals, live rock, and fish. We also receive maintenance products for your beloved aquariums.    

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