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Lots of new Coral, Fish and Inverts in this week...

We have a bunch of new stuff in this week,  come in and take a peek.  Fish include; African Midas Blennies,  Yellow Tangs, Secretive Wrasse, Springeri Damsels, Flame Angel, Blacker Ice Clowns, Black Ice Clown, Royal Gramma, Black Ocellaris, Flurry Ocellaris, Aiptasia Eating  File Fish, Green Clown Goby, Spanish Hogfish, Sixline Wrasse. Corals Include;bow Brain, Green Goni, Worm Rock, Multicolored Mushroom, Check Bounce Mushrooms, Orange Eye Zoas, Stop and Go Zoas, TGC Beauty &the Beast Paly, Reef Raft Pink Diamond Paly, Pumkin Patch Mushrooms, Neon Favites, Pom Pom Xenia Frags, Yellow Aussi Acro Colony.  Inverts Include; Colored Fromia Starfish, Pacific Red Leg Hermits, Fire Shrimp, Cleaner Shrimp, Pepermint Shrimp, Red Banded Throchus Snails, Hawaiian Feater Dusters.  Huge Sale this weekend!   Live Rock From our Blue Runner $4.00 lb 25% off, Frits Pro Reef Salt 200 gallon Box Regularly $64.95 $10 off. Frags in Shallow Frag tank, buy two get a third FREE. Aqua Forest Probiotic Salt 162 gallon bucket Regularly $79.95 $15.00 OFF.  *While Supplies Last This Weekend Only 10/21 and 10/22.

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Check it out,

Lovely forest aquascape

Nigel's aquascape hasn't quite filled out yet, but the "bones" of this fallen forest scenery are already gorgeous. Nigel says he's new to aquascaping. Could have fooled me.

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One of the allures of reef tanks is to replicate a harmonious captive ecosystem in our homes.

Reefspy's charming 180 gallon mixed reef

There hasn't been a whole lot of aquarium-relevant scientific papers published this month (or this year for that matter). Fortunately there are still a lot of really wonderful aquariums. This is Reefspy's 180g mixed reef. "True" mixed reef tanks are a rare breed these days, so we love it when we see...

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Check out the new sunset fairy wrasse.

Cirrhilabrus greeni, the new sunset fairy wrasse

A new, vibrant red and yellow fairy wrasse is described from the eastern Timor Sea of Northern Australia. The new species may be a glimpse of evolution in action as it appears to be either a product of recent divergence or hybridization.

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It is a delightful sight.

GBR coral spawning like you've never seen before!

Daniel Stoupin and his team at BioQuest Studios shares with us another world-class video of mass spawning on the Great Barrier Reef. The detail is breathtaking! We guarantee you'll appreciate the world's greatest synchronous reproduction event more than ever before.

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Fish respond to predator attack by doubling growth rate

Do captive fish grow slower because of the lack of predators?

Scientists recently stumbled upon an unexpected finding: Captive fish that were exposed to predators doubled their growth rate! Could our aquarium safe-spaces be stunting the growth of our fish?

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Top Ten New Species of Reef Fish of 2017 Featured, News Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

More than any other year 2017 felt like it was jam packed with a deluge of new species of marine fish being described. These included many from the tropica

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Aquatic Experience

Much Fun at the Aquatic Experience in Chicago morning coffee, News Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to attend or speak at just about every large show, frag swap and meeting that occurred throughout North America

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A new tetra with color-coded sexing

Many tetras are difficult to sex. Often, differentiation comes down to fin lengths, subtle color deviations, or sometimes just the "fullness" of their bellies. But with Hyphessobrycon myrmex, the color between the sexes is unmistakable, and that's a good thing because this species is tiny.

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Some Zebrasoma tangs have serrated scalpels

Tangs, AKA surgeonfish, are known for their scalpel-like caudal spines located on their tail peduncles. On tangs with retractable spines such as Zebrasoma and Acanthurus, the scalpels are thought to be flat blades. But researchers have found that on a few scopas tangs, the spines actually have forwa...

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What are your fishes' personalities?

News flash: Fish have personalities!

Scientists are finding out what aquarists have long known: fishes have very distinct, complex, and stable personalities. All snarkiness aside, it's important for science to test and validate our anecdotal observations.

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This encouraging trend may be the result of education about proper stocking levels.

Fishkeeping trends mixed

Polls tracking pet ownership show that the number of fishkeepers (particularly marine fishkeepers) have increased in the USA over the past five years. However, over the same time period, UK fishkeepers have declined substantially. How is the fishkeeping scene where you live?

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Foods that are colorful tend to yield more colorful fish. #CoralConnection will advise you on proper nutrition.

The right amount of Astaxanthin to raise colorful fish

What fish eat not only determine how well they grow but also how colorful they become. Research helps us understand the optimum concentration of Astaxanthin (the reddish keto-carotenoid compound) in fish food.

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Coral thief caught on tape

Surveillance cameras captured footage of a well-dressed man brazenly stealing corals and clams from A&R Aquarium (St. Petersburg, FL). Teng Lin, the accused, is now out of jail and charged with grand theft.

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Male livebearing fish are evolving faster than females

Girls might MATURE more quickly than boys when it comes to humans. But scientists have discovered the male livebearing fish (e.g. guppies, mollies, platies, swordtails) EVOLVE more quickly than females.

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Intensely colored strain of Acropora florida

My Favorite Corals: Toxic Green Acropora florida Acropora, Featured, florida, SPS Corals Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

In the world of aquarium stony corals, the 'Bali Green Slimer' has been the king of green SPS for more than twenty years, since the mid nineties. This part

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Lit! Sascha Hoyer's "Aquascaping Home Studio"

We're going to go out on a limb and say your fish room looks nothing like this. Sascha's "Aquascaping Home Studio" is what we all wish our fish rooms could be.

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Further evidence that insects evolved from crustaceans

Scientists have closely examined the brains of mantis shrimp and discovered a brain structure that was previously only found in insects. The reason why crustaceans and insects resemble each other is increasingly evident: they diverged from the same evolutionary ancestor.

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MaxSpect RSX LED Packs Even More Power & Features Than The Razor Featured Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

The Maxspect RSX LED is the newest aquarium fixture from Maxspect, and the true successor to the Razor LED platform. Initially, we thought that the Maxspec

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Researchers will use a zebrafish model to search for new therapeutics that could block drug-seeking behavior.

Tropical fish can get hooked on opioids, too

Zebrafish who were exposed to hydrocodone developed fiendish drug-seeking behavior as well as withdrawal when the drug was discontinued.

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Reed Mariculture tweaks TDO Chroma BOOST for optimal coloration Food Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

We know the red carotenoid astaxanthin is essential for optimal red and orange coloration in fish and coral, but Reed Mariculture conducted an experim