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Purple Queen Anthias, Royal Gramma, Green File Fish (eats Aiptasia), Spotted Mandrin, Foxface Md, Desjardins Sailfin Tang, Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse, Dot Dash Flasher Wrasse, Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse, Solar Fairy Wrasse, Orange Anthia Anthias, Male Anthia, Divided Leopard Wrasse, Social Fairy Wrasse, McCoskers Fairy Wrasse, Angel Flame Back, Exquisite Wrasse, African Cleaner Wrasse, Mexican Zebra Strip Snails, Red Sea Purple Tang, Red Banded TrochusYellow Gorgonians, plus lots of Frags we brought in. Including Cherry Corals Voodoo Majik Acro, Inland Corals Sub Zero, Paradise, Blue Bomber, RMF, Lantania, IC Flambe.
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New Corals and Fish in this week 5-17-17

We have plenty of new  corals and fish in this week including; Purple Queen Anthias, Royal Granmma, BiColor Blenny, Scooter Blenny, Tailspot Blenny, Ocellaris Clowns, Percula Clowns, Midnight Clowns, Wyoming White Clowns, Black and White Clowns, Vivid Fancy Clowns, Snowflake Clowns, Red Mandrin Goby, Yellow Rose Goby, Longnose Hawkfish, Tiger Jawfish, Dragon Pipefish, Orange Shoulder Tang  Adult, Yellow Eye Kole Tang, Yellow Tang, Bluejaw Trigger, Exquisite Fairy Wrasse, Koi wrasse, McCoskeri Fairy Wrasse, Ruby Fin fairy Wrasse, Tri Color Wrasse, Super Agave Zoas, Blood War PE polys, Super Combo Blasto, Acro Mille Cultured, Acro Tenius Cultured, Acro Super Poyp Cultured, Acro Cultured Bali, Acro Super Cultured, Zoas Tonga, Zoa Super Mix. Plus 50 other new frags available.

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We have tons of new frags in stock including; Metallic Green Scroll coral, J.Fox Scarlet Stylo, J. Fox Burning Banana, J.Fox Lunar Lepto, J. Fox Grafting Dayglo Favia, J. Fox Hydnopora, WWC Purple Monster Paly, Lava Lepto, Sonic Hedgehog Galaxia,  Red Death Palys, Long Polyp Monti, J.Fox Spitfire, Magicians, Viscous Vixen Palys,  50 plus other new frags, Bali Sand Sifting Starfish, Trochus Snails, Mexican Turbo Snails, Red Legged Hermits, Blue Legged Hermits, War Paint Scolymia, TriColored Wellso, Vietiam Mushrooms, Blue Bubble Bounce Rhodactis, Purple Candelabra Gorgonian, Purple Plume Gorgonian, Flat Blade Gorgonian, Orange Spiny  Gorgonian, Vietnam Zoas Ultra Grade, SM Elegance Coral Aussi, Orange Lace Coral, Pink Lace Coral, Purple Firefish Goby, Green Mandrin Goby, Bluesided Fairy Wrasse, Spotted Mandrin Goby, Tri Color Anthias, Longfin Fairy Wrasse, Algae Blenny, Blonde Naso Tang, Carpenters Flasher Wrasse, Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse, Leopard Wrasse,  Red Eye Solorensis Wrasse, McCoskers Flasher Wrasse, Snowbite Clowns, Green Chromis, Large Blue Hippo Tang, Med Desjarini Red Sea Sailfin tang, Fire Shrimp, Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, Harlequin Shrimp, Aussi Acropora Table,  Blastomussa Welso Colonies.

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New Fish, Corals and Clams...

We have some really nice new fish in this week including; Atlantic pygmy Angel, Coral Beauty, Orange Anthias, Bangaii Cardinals, Orchid Dottyback, Royal Gramma, Midas Blenny XL, Vanderbilts, Yellow Watchman, Pipefish Dragonface, Blue Hippo Tangs, Sailfin Tang IndoPacific, SML Yellow Tangs, Christmas Wrasse, Redfin Fairy Wrasse, Solar Fairy, Divided Leopard, Sixline Wrasses, Golden Maxima, Ultra Maxima, Bumblebee Snails, Tiger Trochus, Blue Leg Hermits, White Trochus, Cleaner Shrimp, Ruby Red Scooter Blenny, Emerald Crabs, African Cleaner Wrasse.  Purple Yuma, Zoa Garden Mixed Rock, Mixed Mushroom Rocks, White Bubble Coral.

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New Corals, Fish and Extras in this week 9-23-16

Corals in this week include; Acropora Frags Aussi, Quadricolor Bubbletip Anemones, Acropora colonies Aussi, Discosoma Mushrooms, Gonioporas, Sp Palithoa,  Fungia Plate Corals, Aussi Blasto Frags. Fish include; Orange Anthias, Purple Queen Anthias, Royal Gramma, Green Mandrin, Blue Hippos, Desjardins Sailfin Tang, Orange Shoulder Tang, Powder Blue Tang, Dot-Dash Flasher Wrasse, Longfin Fairy Wrasse, Solar Fairy Wrasse, LT Green with pink Amenone, Bumblebee Snails, Peppermint Shrimp, Giant Rhodactus Mushrooms, Spotted Mushrooms, Supernova Palys, Sunshine Zoas.  Odds and ends that are new in the shop, Chaetomorpha, Coral Feeder Tubes, Handy Grip Tongs, Reef Roids, Polyp Labs Polyp Booster, Reef Nutrition Real Oceanic Eggs, Roti-Feast.

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New Coral and Fish at Coral Connection Sarasota.  Fish Include Orange Anthias, Royal Gramma, Bi Color Blenny, Flame Tail Bleny, Copperband Butterfly, XL Green Mandrin, Randalls Goby, Spotted Mandrin Lg, Hi Fin Goby, Black , Green and Yellow Clown Goby, Blue Hippo tang, Sailfin Tang, Green Coris Wrasse, Yellow Coris Wrasse, Hawaii Eight Line Wrasse, Fairy Solor Wrasse, Coral Banded Shrimp, Astrea Snails, Nassarius Snails, Tiger Trochus Snails, Double Starfish, Lord Acan Frag, Tonga Mushroom Frags, Red Marbled Bowerbanki, Green Hairy Mushrooms, MultiColored Mushrooms, Orange Crush Zoas.

Corals Include; Pentagona Favites, Cyphastrea SP, Echinophora SP, Platygyra SP, Leptastrea Sp, Acan Echinata, Rainbow Acan Frags, Lord Acan Frags, Duncan Frags, Big SP Sea Fans, Florida Ricordea, Goniopora, Dendronephthya Carnation,

Mushroom Rocks, Candy Cane Trumpet Corals, Flower Rock Anemones, Acan Rotundoflora, Scolymia Brain, Wellso BrainsFavia Brain, Pectina Spiny Cup, Acropora Aussi, Orange Bee Sponge, Blue Sponge, Coco worms.

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New Corals and Fish June 26th 2015...

We have some crazy new frags as well as large pieces in stock including, Acropora Frags, Orange Head  Touch Coral, Colored Torch Coral, Colored Zoas, Colt Coral, Alveopora Spongiosa, Green and Yellow Aussi Goni, Rainbow Goni Frags Aussi, Toxic Green Trumpets, Yellow Polys, Orange Silk Coral, Spiny Cup Pectina, Large Aussi Acros, Blue, Blue Puprle and Blue Green, Amazing Chalice Frags from Aussi, Special Metallic Favia (Incredible), Red andWhite Coco Worms, Bumblebee Snails, Rainbow Fire Urchin, Fire Shrimp, Green Chromis, Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse, Mandrin Goby, Firefish Goby, Banded Pipefish, Banana Fish, Cown Fish.    

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We have a great many new corals in stock.  As well we have a shipment of 4,000 crabs to help clean your reef, and coming in today fresh Tisbee Pods and Phycopure.

We will be having our Customer Appreciation Sale through the weekend.  Buy Two Corals and Get a Third Coral FREE.  (third coral is equal to or lessor value to the least price coral).

New Corals in stock Include; Ultra Lord Acan, Blue Tonga Mushrooms, Sweet and Sour Aussi Goniapora Frags, Golden Sky Chalice Frag, Red lorad Acan, Red, Blue and Green War Coral, Purple Rhodi Mushrooms, Rainbow Trach Brain, Toxic Neon Frogspawn, Dragon Pipefish, Aussi Super Purple Acro LRG, Oulophyllia Crispa Brain, Orange Wall Hammer, Show Bubble Coral, Tourch Coral, Pagoda Cups, LT Plate Coral, Silk Coral, Flower Pot Corals, Pearl Bubble, Cloves Palm Tree Type, Alveopora, Yellow Polyps, Elegance Coral, Symphyllia Closed Brains, Lobophyllia Rainbow Brain, Red Trachyphyllia Brain, Red Wellso Brain, Maricultured Montipora, Cocoworms, Frags include, Lord Acan, Chalice Coral, Favia Brain, Platygyra Brain, Alveopora, Duncans, Orange Frogspwan, Sun Coral, Cultured Maze Brain, Red Mushrooms, Blue Mushrooms, Cleaner Shrimp, Sand Starfish, Bumblebee Snails.

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May 6th New Corals and Fish...

We have some really nice new corals and fish in today.  Corals include; Aussi Orange/Gold Torch, Ultra Leptastrea Frags, Toxic Green Aussi Frogspawn, Orange Eye Cultured Chalice, Aussi Striped Trachy, Neon Eye HoneyComb Brain, Mixed Tunicates, Ultra Honeycomb Brain, Large Super Scoly, Aussi Blue Acropora, Orange Sponge, Red marbled Starfish. Fish  Include;  African Female Orange Anthia, Ruby Red Dragonette, Blue Hippo Tang, Sailfin TAng.

James Coral Connection Sarasota

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New Fish, Blue legs, Peppermint Shrimp...

We  have some really nice new fish including; Flame Angel (Fiji), Lyretail Male Anthias, Tank Raised Blue Hippo Tangs (SML), Royal Gramma, Blue Eyed Cardinals, Tank Raised True Perculas, Arc Eye hawkfish, Yellow Eye Kole Tang,  Red Sea Purple Tang, Dot Dash Flasher Wrasse, Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse, Lubbocks Black Bar Fairy Wrasse, Red Fin Fairy Wrasse, Leopard Wrasse, Sixline Wrasse. Channel Brain, Two Beautiful Acros, Bonsai and Purple with Blue tip,  Orange Torch Coral.

We also have coming in Thursday, Skunk Cleaners, Coral Banded Shrimp, Fromia Starfish, Sand Sifting Starfish, Peppermint Shrimp and Blue Leg Hermits.  As always we are having a SALE on the Blue Legs.   50 blue leg hermits $30.00 while supplies last.

Algae Gen Phycopure , Tisbee Pods and Coral Smoothy are all coming in Thursday as well.

James Coral Connection Sarasota

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New Crazy Show Corals and New Fish...

Insane Metallic Red and Metallic Yellow Wellso Brain, Metallic Toxic Yellow Wellso Brain, Gold Aussi Branching Hammers, Yellow Green Fuzy Lobo, Metallic Green Cloves, Colored Zoas, Bright Metallic Orange Frogspawn, Green Candy Canes Colony LRG, LRG Blue Berry Seafan, LRG Metallic Green Duncan Colonies, Blue Mushrooms,  Fox Coral, Orange Silk Coral, Red and White Carnation, Alveopora, Green and White Cat Eye Bubble Coral, Pearl Bubble Coral, Quadricolor  Bubbletips, Heteractis Crispa Flat Anemone, Red Fromia Marble Star, Feather Dusters, Trochus Snails, Coral Beauty, Cardinal PJS, Yellow Flanked Fairy Wrasse, Diamond Goby, Randalli Female Anthias, Alleni Neon Damsels, Yellow Hawaiian Tang, TR Ocellaris Clowns, Black Ocellaris Clowns, Pacific Sailfin Tang XL, Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse. XLG Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, Fire Shrimp.

Come In and Check Them all out,  James Coral Connection Sarasota

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We have lots of new fish, Corals, Crabs, Snails, Tisbee Pods, Phycopure, Zoanthelia, and Live Rock in today.  Fish include Black and Yellow Angel, Ebli Angel, Half Black Angel, Bi-Color Angel, Powder BLue Tangs, Powder Brown Tang, Spotted Rabbitfish, Flame Angel, Lemarks Angel, Lattice Butterflies, Copperbanded Butterfly, Bali Tiger Jawfish, Blue Spot Jawfish, Purple Tile Fish, Lubocks Wrasse, Greenfin Wrasse, Solarensisi Wrasse, Blue Eye Cardinals, Yellow Wrasse, Green Wrasse, Purple Firefish, Red firefish Goby, BloodShrimp, Cleaner Shrimp, Trochus snails, Red Hermits, Blue Hermits, Emerald Crabs, Peppermint Shrimp, Astrea Snails.

Corals Include; Plerogyra Bubble Coral, Wall Frogspawn, Rainbow Wall Hammer, Cynarina Brain, Orange Torch Coral, Wellso Red Brain, Six Colored Chalice, Acan Maxima, Ball Goniopora, Daisy Flowerpot, Platygyra Maze Brain, Sea Fan, Clove Polyps Palm Trees, Acan Frags, Bowerbanki Acan, Helichondria Blue Sponge, Devils Hand Leather, Sarcophyton Toadstool Leather, Yellow Polyps, Carnation Coral, Blue mushroom, Red Mushroom, Sinularia Finger Coral, Green Star polyp, Colt Coral,  Actinodiscus Mushroom, Rhodactis Lampung Mushroom, Pig Tail Gorgonian Green, Red and Bubblegum.

Come Check Them all out,


Coral Connection

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New ORA Coral and Fish in 4-2-14...

New  Oceans Reefs & Aquariums order in today.  Includes Black Ocellaris Clownfish, Picasso Clownfish, Pink Skunk Clownfish, Ultra Maxima Clams in Geen and Black and Blue and Black, Micronesian Purple and Green Yuma Recordea, Marshall Island Blue Bottlebrush Acropora, Marshall Island Lantana, Hawkins Blue Echinata, Blue Millepora, ORA Red Goniopora, Plum Crazy Acro, Shortcake Acro.  All corals can be looked up at

Come Check them out,


Coral Connection Sarasota

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We will be closed Thanksgiving Day and Friday. Enjoy your holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving

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Ultimate Aberrant Yellow Tang Teased By LiveAquaria News Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

Do you know how cool a particular fish has to be for LiveAquaria's own Director Kevin Kohen to get in front of the camera to tell us all about it?

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Sanjay's 500 Gallon Mega Reef Tank Video Featured, Featured Reefs, reef tanks, Video Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

In the American reef aquarium scene, the name Sanjay Joshi is synonymous with reefing knowledge, experience, and especially brightly lit reef tanks. Also k

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Phytoplankton use photosynthesis, to create oxygen and essential fatty acids that are important to the health of marine organisms.

AlgaGen PhycoPure SeaPro, Frozen Phytoplankton For Your Reef Tank News Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

PhycoPure™ SeaPro AlgaGen PhycoPure™ SeaPro is a frozen phytoplankton concentrate that instantly activates and becomes live as soon as it's added

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Best Of Video

A stunning reef time lapse to begin your week

In 2017, Dr. Tim Wijgerde really upped his time-lapse game and produced some of the best work we've seen. Here is his "best of" video in incredible 4K video quality. As we've said before, reef life is best appreciated with this type of photography.

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A new tetra with color-coded sexing

Many tetras are difficult to sex. Often, differentiation comes down to fin lengths, subtle color deviations, or sometimes just the "fullness" of their bellies. But with Hyphessobrycon myrmex, the color between the sexes is unmistakable, and that's a good thing because this species is tiny.

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Coral Connection of Sarasota via Facebook

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Lovely forest aquascape

Nigel's aquascape hasn't quite filled out yet, but the "bones" of this fallen forest scenery are already gorgeous. Nigel says he's new to aquascaping. Could have fooled me.

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What are your fishes' personalities?

News flash: Fish have personalities!

Scientists are finding out what aquarists have long known: fishes have very distinct, complex, and stable personalities. All snarkiness aside, it's important for science to test and validate our anecdotal observations.

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This encouraging trend may be the result of education about proper stocking levels.

Fishkeeping trends mixed

Polls tracking pet ownership show that the number of fishkeepers (particularly marine fishkeepers) have increased in the USA over the past five years. However, over the same time period, UK fishkeepers have declined substantially. How is the fishkeeping scene where you live?

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Let's Go To Vegas!

MACNA 2018 Will Be In Las Vegas For It's 30th Year News Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

MACNA, the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America, will be in Las Vegas Nevada, September 7th to the 9th. If our math serves us correctly this will be

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Fish respond to predator attack by doubling growth rate

Do captive fish grow slower because of the lack of predators?

Scientists recently stumbled upon an unexpected finding: Captive fish that were exposed to predators doubled their growth rate! Could our aquarium safe-spaces be stunting the growth of our fish?

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#CoralConnection can help you with aquarium supplies.

Aquatic Life Debuts its Classic RO/DI Series

What is old is new again. Aquatic Life improves the classic, time-tested reverse osmosis design. Their new Classic Series is one of the cleanest iteration of the classic RO/DI form factor we have seen.

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Seahorses Can Get Domesticated Too News Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

Clownfish and some dottybacks may get the most attention in discussions of captive bred marine fish, and especially domesticated of aquarium species. But s

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Some Corals Can Be Downright Vicious! News Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

It's well known that coral compete for space both on the reef and in aquariums, but some species fight with no holds barred. I just returned from Reefapalo

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Further evidence that insects evolved from crustaceans

Scientists have closely examined the brains of mantis shrimp and discovered a brain structure that was previously only found in insects. The reason why crustaceans and insects resemble each other is increasingly evident: they diverged from the same evolutionary ancestor.

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The Case Of The Missing Ctenophores California Academy of Science, Deep Water, Public Aquariums, Steinhart Aquarium Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

In 2015 a team from the California Academy of Science set out on a expedition to the Philippines to explore the Coral Triangle's biological treasures. The

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Awesome inhabitants for reef

A new Caribbean snapping shrimp

Shrimp tanks are popular among freshwater aquarists, but marine aquarists largely view shrimps as afterthoughts. Why? It's not as if coral reefs aren't filled with colorful and interesting shrimps such as this newly described snapping shrimp.

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We have two Yellow Belly Hippos in stock, a couple small Harliquin shrimp, dragon face pipefish, Fiji shelf rock, Fiji branch rock, and many new corals in stock for the weekend.