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We have a new shipment of frags in as well as large pieces of Coral, Fish and Inverts in for this weekend.    Friday thru Sunday Buy Two Frags Get a Third Frag Free.  Free Frag is of Equal OR Lessor Value to the lowest price frag.

New in stock includes; Red Linka Starfish, Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, Mexican Red Leg Hermits, Re Banded Trochus Snails, Purple Base Bubbletip Anemones, Blue Tip Torch, Pink Tip Torch, Yellow Tip Torch, War Paint Scolly, Purple Red Sea Tang, Azure Damssels, Aussi Rainbow Acan, Cora lBanded Shrimps, Orange Frogspwan, Pygmy Angel, Eibli Angel, Purple Queen Anthias, Red Scooter Blenny, Copperband Bufly, Green File Fish, Randalls Goby,  Hi Fin Goby,  Yellow Watchman, Sm Desjardins Sailfin Tang, Scopas tang, Red Fin Fairy Wrasse, Secretive Wrasse, Double Starfish, Diamond Sleeper Gobies, Florida Recordea, Acan Maxima, Aussi Maze Brain.  Also OVer 50 new Frags in today!

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Just a seahorse riding a pipefish

Pipefish camouflage as seaweed. Seahorse like to anchor their prehensile tails on seaweed. Do the math and you get this hilariously adorable result :-)

James Kennedy posted a blog post
We have a bunch of new stuff in this week,  come in and take a peek.  Fish include; African Midas Blennies,  Yellow Tangs, Secretive Wrasse, Springeri Damsels, Flame Angel, Blacker Ice Clowns, Black Ice Clown, Royal Gramma, Black Ocellaris, Flurry Ocellaris, Aiptasia Eating  File Fish, Green Clown Goby, Spanish Hogfish, Sixline Wrasse. Corals Include;bow Brain, Green Goni, Worm Rock, Multicolored Mushroom, Check Bounce Mushrooms, Orange Eye Zoas, Stop and Go Zoas, TGC Beauty &the Beast Paly, Reef Raft Pink Diamond Paly, Pumkin Patch Mushrooms, Neon Favites, Pom Pom Xenia Frags, Yellow Aussi Acro Colony.  Inverts Include; Colored Fromia Starfish, Pacific Red Leg Hermits, Fire Shrimp, Cleaner Shrimp, Pepermint Shrimp, Red Banded Throchus Snails, Hawaiian Feater Dusters.  Huge Sale this weekend!   Live Rock From our Blue Runner $4.00 lb 25% off, Frits Pro Reef Salt 200 gallon Box Regularly $64.95 $10 off. Frags in Shallow Frag tank, buy two get a third FREE. Aqua Forest Probiotic Salt 16…
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Should reefkeepers strive for quieter aquariums?

A clearer picture is painted with a growing body of research: noise pollution impacts the health and behavior of marine fish. Should marine aquarists pay more attention to noise levels within their aquariums?

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The Case Of The Missing Ctenophores California Academy of Science, Deep Water, Public Aquariums, Steinhart Aquarium Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

In 2015 a team from the California Academy of Science set out on a expedition to the Philippines to explore the Coral Triangle's biological treasures. The

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All proceeds fund grants for area Celtic non-profit organizations, college scholarships open to Celtic descendants, and education scholarships for students of Celtic Arts.

Sarasota Celtic Music Festival at Benderson Park

After successfully hosting the World Rowing Championships, Nathan Benderson Park welcomes attendees to the second annual Sarasota Celtic Music Festival

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Clownfish eggs are adorable

Look at these tiny bundles of joy! Technology has allowed zoom in clownfish eggs in stunning detail, and what we see are hundreds inquisitive lil' eyes staring right back at us.

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This is one of the few studies to explore how pollution from human activity impacts schooling behavior in fish.

Noise makes it hard for fish to school

Marine aquarists have all experienced it: Reef fishes that naturally school simply refuse to in captivity? Common theories are that the lack of predators or the relatively small size of aquariums discourage schooling. A new study finds that noise plays a big role. Noisy water = less cohesive schooli...

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Awesome inhabitants for reef

A new Caribbean snapping shrimp

Shrimp tanks are popular among freshwater aquarists, but marine aquarists largely view shrimps as afterthoughts. Why? It's not as if coral reefs aren't filled with colorful and interesting shrimps such as this newly described snapping shrimp.

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Unstuff the Bus

SCF softball team helps unload buses for local food programs

The softball team at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota volunteered to help “unstuff” 15 buses filled with food as part of the

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The celebration includes a parade, bed races, arts & crafts, food, Miss Sun Fiesta, music and dancing.

Sun Fiesta in Venice

Marking the start of the fall season for South County residents regardless what the thermometer reads, is the annual Sun Fiesta, presented by the

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Craft Show • Live Music • 14 Live Shows • Pumpkins • Charity Pumpkin Games • Pioneer Trades Village • Hayrides • Pony Rides • Chainsaw Sculptor • Corn Maze $2 • Scarecrow Displays • Homemade Ice Cream • Farm Roasted Sweet Corn • Food Galore • Pumpkin Pie • Rock Climbing Wall • Power Jump • Petting Zoo • Barnyard Playground • Face Painting • Children’s Train Ride $2 • Big Train Ride $3• Juggler • Fresh Produce •Butterfly Experience • Frog Jumping Championship • Zip Line

Hunsader Farms Pumpkin Festival continues

FMX Motocross is one of the many featured entertainment acts at this weekend's edition of the area’s biggest and best pumpkin festival. In addition

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Further evidence that insects evolved from crustaceans

Scientists have closely examined the brains of mantis shrimp and discovered a brain structure that was previously only found in insects. The reason why crustaceans and insects resemble each other is increasingly evident: they diverged from the same evolutionary ancestor.

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Lit! Sascha Hoyer's "Aquascaping Home Studio"

We're going to go out on a limb and say your fish room looks nothing like this. Sascha's "Aquascaping Home Studio" is what we all wish our fish rooms could be.

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There are now three more species added to the official record.

Three new crayfish species found in the Bluegrass State

Three new big, beautiful crayfish species are described from neighboring streams found in the Kentucky Appalachians. Anyone up for an Appalachian crayfish biotope aquarium?

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Sea Turtle With Plastic Bag In Mouth Saved By Diver –

There’s no doubt about it, plastic pollution is a scourge of every ocean. Among the denizens of the sea that are affected are turtles, who can mistake plastic for jellyfish, one if their favorite delicacies. Scuba instructor Tyler Hart was diving with a student off Cooper Island the British Virgin I...

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Contact #CoralConnectionSarasota to order smart aquarium devices.

New Doser Maxi Announced By GHL News Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

The Doser 2.1 Maxi is an exciting new addition to GHL's growing list of smart aquarium devices. Like their other products that don't force you to buy into

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We have Midas Blennies, Yellow Belly Hippos from Africa in stock, new Acropora frags, Pacific Red Legs, sand sifting starfish, black ice pair of clowns, green bubbletips, springeri damsels, fire blood shrimp, red banded trochus snails, Flame angels, Coral Beauty, super milli frags (gold)

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Two new Devario "Giant Danio" species

Devario annnataliae and Devario udenii are two new, gorgeous species of Devario danios described from fast-moving freshwater on the island nation of Sri Lanka.

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Researchers will use a zebrafish model to search for new therapeutics that could block drug-seeking behavior.

Tropical fish can get hooked on opioids, too

Zebrafish who were exposed to hydrocodone developed fiendish drug-seeking behavior as well as withdrawal when the drug was discontinued.

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Foods that are colorful tend to yield more colorful fish. #CoralConnection will advise you on proper nutrition.

The right amount of Astaxanthin to raise colorful fish

What fish eat not only determine how well they grow but also how colorful they become. Research helps us understand the optimum concentration of Astaxanthin (the reddish keto-carotenoid compound) in fish food.