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New Fish and Corals at Coral Connection 8-11-16...

New Coral and Fish at Coral Connection Sarasota.  Fish Include Orange Anthias, Royal Gramma, Bi Color Blenny, Flame Tail Bleny, Copperband Butterfly, XL Green Mandrin, Randalls Goby, Spotted Mandrin Lg, Hi Fin Goby, Black , Green and Yellow Clown Goby, Blue Hippo tang, Sailfin Tang, Green Coris Wrasse, Yellow Coris Wrasse, Hawaii Eight Line Wrasse, Fairy Solor Wrasse, Coral Banded Shrimp, Astrea Snails, Nassarius Snails, Tiger Trochus Snails, Double Starfish, Lord Acan Frag, Tonga Mushroom Frags, Red Marbled Bowerbanki, Green Hairy Mushrooms, MultiColored Mushrooms, Orange Crush Zoas.

Corals Include; Pentagona Favites, Cyphastrea SP, Echinophora SP, Platygyra SP, Leptastrea Sp, Acan Echinata, Rainbow Acan Frags, Lord Acan Frags, Duncan Frags, Big SP Sea Fans, Florida Ricordea, Goniopora, Dendronephthya Carnation,

Mushroom Rocks, Candy Cane Trumpet Corals, Flower Rock Anemones, Acan Rotundoflora, Scolymia Brain, Wellso BrainsFavia Brain, Pectina Spiny Cup, Acropora Aussi, Orange Bee Sponge, Blue Sponge, Coco worms.

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Beautiful New Shipment in from LA...

New Corals in stock at Cora l Connection include, Special Rhodi Mushrooms, Superman Mushrooms, Orange Eye Favia Brain, Bounce Mushrooms, Yellow Rim Lobo, Aussi Tri-Color Acro, Splatter Color Favia, Lemon Lime Tenius Acro, Red and Blue Mushrooms, Gold with blue Spot Mushrooms, Purple Cynarina Brain, Red Splater Mushrooms.

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Coral Connection Sarasota is the realization of a vision to bring quality marine products and livestock to Sarasota, Florida and the surrounding areas at a reasonable price. We have created our store to be different. We have been working with reef systems for over 15 years providing extensive first-hand knowledge of what it takes to build and maintain a successful and beautiful reef aquarium.

Coral Connection specializes in soft and hard marine corals and live rock and marine fish from Indonesia, Australia, Belize, Vietnam, The Red Sea, Polynesian Islands and Fiji. While offering a wide variety of reef compatible fish and beautiful live rock, quality coral propagation is the main goal. We maintain a healthy bank of mother corals that can sustain our inventory. We stock a selection of thousands of frags and colonies.

As part of our goal to offer exceptional service, we offer in home system setup and maintenance.  We bring the expertise from our store to your tank with water parameter testing, chemistry adjustments and equipment fine tuning.  We utilize the same high quality water and salt mix used in our store to perform water changes to maintain your reef and make it flourish.  We offer our customers additional piece of mind with our million dollar insurance policy.


Our Quarantine Fish System is 300 gallons and we hold fish for 30 days and feed them well during that period.  Fish can be bought at any time but cannot be picked up until the 30 day period is over.  We will be carrying more fish, larger fish and "fish only" aquarium fish.  

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